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Venue: Cove Studio, Tottenham, London

Deadline to apply: 30/09/2019

Dates: This workshop will run for for three days from Wednesday 23rd October 2019 until Friday 25th October 2019.

Workshop Information

In advertising, corporate and marketing, video is an essential element of production. Currently a lot of these videos end up in either Facebook or Instagram rather than television or cinema. Budgets are shrinking so filmmakers have to be smart in the way they shoot and light to be as economical as possible.
A lot of the shooting can be table top product shots or small scale shooting, sometimes on location but more often in a studio setting. Many of the same techniques you will learn can be used in more artistic, less commercial film-making as you progress in experience.
This workshop will take you through the basics of lighting, camera operation, art direction and shot design.
Students will set lighting, use the meter and expose correctly using a variety of camera settings, handle lenses and lens changes on camera, operate the camera either on a jib or tripod, pull focus during shots, learn about various camera techniques and then apply them, build the small sets that the product is shown in, observe and alter settings within a computer environment as we shoot (utilising an on set monitor and Mac). The students are essentially the crew doing what a professional crew would do on a commercial shoot and hands on experience is emphasised.
The tutor, Jonathon Sendall has been working in the film industry in the last thirty years in a variety of roles only specialising in cinematography in the last ten. He has shot commercials, corporate, documentary and drama. You can see more of his work at

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